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Healthy aging is an attitude

It's a decision to treat yourself well both physically and mentally. In a society where youth is idealized, getting old can sometimes be frustrating. But, aging is not a disease. Human aging is a natural part of living and happens to anyone who is lucky enough to get there. We should embrace every moment.

Although we are turning 50, 60 and more, the baby boomer generation continues to set trends and be a changing force in the 21st Century. Most of us have a hard time thinking of ourselves as old. We're certainly not ready to sit back and retire from life just yet.

We should be enjoying this time in our lives. The pressures of family and work and the need to fit in don't take center stage any longer. We can use our experiences and wisdom to build a healthier lifestyle.

This women's health guide for healthy aging is based on personal experience and research and I designed it to help women baby boomers like me, look forward to the years ahead instead of dreading them. After all, we don't want to spend our precious time visiting doctors and complaining about aches and pains.

Our Aging Body

Successful aging depends on knowledge. If you can understand the changes that take place in your body as it ages, I believe you'll be better equipped to take the steps needed to care for it.

The Human brain and the Effects of Aging
The Human Digestive System
Anatomy of the Ear
Eye Anatomy and the Effects of Aging
The Human Foot and the Effects of Aging
How to Keep Aging Hair Healthy
The Muscular System and the Effects of Aging
Tips for Healthy Aging Nails
The Female Reproductive system and the Effects of Aging
The Skeletal System  How Does Aging Affect Our Bones?
Aging Skin Care
Dental Health Information
The Urinary System and the Effects of Aging

Some changes are considered normal and unavoidable and others can be related to heredity, medical history and lifestyle habits.

Do any of the following aging issues sound familiar? Forgetfulness, slow digestion, hearing loss, dry eyes, brittle nails, aching muscles, age spots, yellowing teeth?

Not all is gloom!!! Science hasn't discovered how to prevent aging, but there are ways to slow down its effects, and in some cases, stop and even reverse them.

Aging Gracefully

Aging brings with it new challenges. How we care for our bodies plays a significant role in how our body ages. We can all look forward to healthy aging by accepting the things we cannot change and doing everything possible, to change the things we can.

Improve Brain Fitness With Positive Lifestyle Choices
Why Is Nutrition Important for Healthy Aging?
Regular Exercise Improves Physical and Mental Health
Forgiving Others and Yourself for Happier and Healthier Aging
Positive Attitude Tips for Successful Aging
Stress Reducers to Fight Aging or How to Relax and Feel Younger
Sleep and Aging

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How Does the Human Brain Work?
The human brain is the most complex organ in our body. Aging brings changes in the brain which are affected by a combination of genetics, environment, disease and habits.
The Human Digestive System and the Effects of Aging
The function of the digestive system is to break down food so its nutrients can be absorbed to provide nourishment and energy throughout the body. As we age the digestive process slows down.
Anatomy of the Ear and and the Effects of Aging
A brief look at the anatomy of the ear , how we hear, and common causes of hearing loss in baby boomers
Eye Anatomy - Vision is Changing for the Baby Boomer Generation
Aging affects nearly all parts of the eye anatomy and begins around the age of 40 plus. Gain a better understanding of aging eye issues and eye structure
The Human Foot and the Effects of Aging
The human foot enables mobility and balance. As we age gravity flattens our feet and they become longer and wider. Loss of padding causes feet to be more susceptible to pain and injury.
How to Keep Aging Hair Healthy
Keep aging hair healthy by following these tips: Treat hair gently, eat well, exercise and get plenty of rest.
The Muscular System and the Effects of Aging
As the muscular system ages, there is a reduction in muscles size, mobility, agility and flexibility. An exercise program can offset these effects.
Tips for Healthy Aging Nails
Aging nails are naturally more brittle and thin. They need some extra attention to keep them healthy.
The Female Reproductive System and the Effects of Aging
The female reproductive system changes as a woman enters menopause. These changes include painful intercourse and increased susceptibility to infections and viruses.
The Skeletal System - How Does Aging Affect Our Bones?
The skeletal system weakens as we age. Bone mass decreases and bones become thinner, more fragile and more susceptible to injury.
Aging Skin Care Tips
Aging skin needs special care. Years of sun, gravity, stress and bad habits such as smoking, age skin. A daily skin regimen, sunscreen, healthy diet, exercise and moisturizers could save your skin.
Dental Health Information for Women Over 50
Dental health information that women babyboomers want to know including effects of aging on teeth and gums, teeth whitening methods, and the importance of correct tooth brushing.
The Urinary System and the Effects of Aging
The prevalence of urinary disorders increases with age. Aging can affect. every part of the urinary system
Brain Fitness Program for Successful Aging
Brain fitness in later life is effected by a combination of genetics, environment, disease and habits. Regular exercise, proper nutrition, stress management, can improve cognitive skills.
Regular Exercise is a Must for Healthy Aging
Regular exercise is one of the best things we baby boomers can do to improve our health and well-being
Forgiving Others and Yourself Can Improve Your Health
When you learn to be forgiving of others and yourself you make a conscious decision to stop letting your negative feelings influence your life
Why is Nutrition Important for Successful Aging?
As we baby boomers age nutrition plays a bigger role in determining how we feel. Our body absorbs nutrients less efficiently, so we are more prone to illnness if we do not follow a healthy diet plan.
Positive Attitude Tips for Successful Aging
A positive attitude can delay the signs of aging
Stress Reducers to Fight Aging or How to Relax and Feel Younger
Stress reducers can help manage stress and anxiety. One of the best methods to reduce stress is breathing exercises. Take a deep slow breath, hold it for a few seconds and slowly...
Sleep and Aging
Sleep is a very important factor in determining how we feel and function daily. Sleep and aging research shows that sleep efficiency declines as we get older.
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