Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my dad who is celebrating his 89th birthday!!!

My dad is not a baby boomer , but he is a great example of healthy living and healthy aging, which has certainly helped me adopt a healthy life style .

I am very proud of my dad and I look up to him. He is a self made man. He left Germany at the age of 16 to escape the terrors of Hitler, but he persevered, worked hard, became a success and provided a very comfortable life for his family.

Though he suffered many hardships throughout his life, his positive attitude has helped him overcome the hardest of times. He tries to enjoy every minute and not worry about things he has no control over.  Another trait that describes my dad and has helped keep him healthy is his self control.

He loves good food, but he eats healthy and controls the amount he eats. In addition, he swims every day, 7 days a week. Everyone who knows my dad, knows that EVERY morning, weather allowing, they can find him in the pool, doing his laps.

And what does he do when he's not swimming? He helps my mom around the house, cleans, cooks and goes grocery shopping. And if he's got some spare time you'll find him on his computer or reading a good novel. He also loves listening to music, but not just any music. You should see his collection of discs. He listens to everything from classical, to jazz, the blues, pop, and even hard rock.


I wrote this article for my dad on his birthday in 2011.  Since then, life has changed quite a bit for him.  Read about it in Aging Parents - Dealing with the Changes and Caring for Elderly Parents.

My dad passed away in 2015 at the age of 93.  He was a a wonderful, warm, loving father. I think of him often.  

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