healthy lifestyle choices
for successful aging
(an overview)

Living a healthy lifestyle becomes increasingly important as we get older. As our body ages and deteriorates, our lifestyle can have a massive impact on us. An unhealthy lifestyle can make our on-going ailments worse. For example, if you suffer from arthritis in your knees, it is important to keep your weight down and make sure your diet is supplying you with the nutrients you need.

Regular exercise is important and if going for a five mile run isn't an option then getting off the bus a stop earlier, or walking to the store instead of driving, is a start. Gentle exercise, such as yoga is possible for most people, whatever your age or physical condition. Join a class to learn the correct movements for your body. Yoga is also great for unwinding the mind as well as helping the body and if you`re one of those who wake up often at night to worry about money or family problems, then yoga or even meditation may help.

A healthy diet plan not only helps you feel better inside, but you'll also look better on the outside. Drinking plenty of water is essential for hydration and also helps keep your skin looking good. Try to eat five portions of fruits and vegetables a day and remember to mix the colors because different colored fruits and vegetables contain different types of antioxidants that help repair damage to cells and tissues in the body.

Heart disease is one of the biggest worries for baby boomers , today. Cholesterol plays an important part in proper body function. However, too much cholesterol can increase the risk of serious heart disease. Cholesterol levels can be lowered by reducing fat intake and eating foods that can help to lower cholesterol such as oats , walnuts and beans. Try cutting out fatty meats in the diet and replace with oily fish such as salmon. It`s also important to keep an eye on the amount of sweets you eat. Instead of ice cream, try low fat yogurts. Cut up some fruit when you feel the urge for something sweet. Exercise is also important in helping to reduce cholesterol.

Alcohol and salt intake should be watched carefully and if you smoke, then do consider stopping, as this contributes to a significant number of health problems.

Increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables in the diet also helps increase fiber intake. Not only can this help reduce cholesterol levels, but it helps the digestive system process food more efficiently and makes us feel full, which can help prevent between meal snacking.

A healthy lifestyle cannot solve all aging problems. Health complications can arise due to environment, medical history or heredity. For example, many women suffer from varicose veins. This is usually hereditary, but can be prevented by exercising on a regular basis and wearing compression hose .

A healthy lifestyle is a positive lifestyle. Learning to focus on the positive aspects in your life as well as in others is an essential part of successful aging.

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