makeup tips
for aging skin

As we age our skin changes and so must our makeup. What used to work for us no longer does. Dramatic and dark colors no longer compliment our face. They tend to draw attention to lines and wrinkles. We need to aim for a natural soft look.

  1. Begin by sitting in a well lit room or use a lighted mirror and have your reading glasses near by.
  2. Moisturize your face and neck. It allows foundation to glide on and stay on longer.
  3. Apply a light foundation. Look for one that will give your sheer coverage. A heavy foundation tends to settle into the wrinkles and brings attention to them making you look older.
  4. Concealer covers up age spots and dark areas around the eyes. A little dab in the inner and outer corners of your eyes opens them up, makes them look more refreshed. Make sure you match the color exactly to your skin tone.
  5. Use cream blush instead of powder. It adds moisture and gives a more youthful look than powder. It should be applied high on the cheekbones to help lift the face.
  6. Brush on a very light covering of translucent powder.
  7. Eyeliner applied to the base of the upper lids helps make eyes appear larger. Use grey or brown.
  8. Eye shadow should be a soft neutral color. Bright colors can draw attention to wrinkles around eyes and loose skin on eyelids. Dark colors make eyes look even smaller and sunken.
  9. Have your eyebrows plucked professionally. If they have thinned out, use a brow filler and feather strokes to fill in where they are sparse.
  10. Mascara gives a added touch and opens up the eyes. Use an eyelash curler before applying mascara.
  11. Lipstick should be a little darker than your own color. Use it together with the same color lip liner to keep a natural look. Stay away from sparkling and high shimmer lip glosses. Dark colors draw attention to lines above the lips and age the face.
  12. When you finish, make sure to put on your glasses and check carefully for smears and blotches and make sure teeth, hair or clothes are clean.

last minute makeup tips

One of the things that bothers me most when I see women my age in makeup is that often it is blotched or smeared.  Do you know that line on the edge of the chin where the foundation ends?  Too much blush is a common problem along with smeared lipstick and mascara.  In my opinion, this not necessarily due to carelessness but because of poor vision.  We just don't see as well as we used to. 

An excellent lighted magnifying mirror and a good look in a full length mirror before stepping out the door could just make for a much better day.

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