Paint Brushes
Do More Than Paint

This post has nothing to do with painting. It's about how I discovered that paint brushes are fantastic for cleaning.

The idea came to me while I was cleaning my desk area. I live in a very dusty region and it drives me crazy how dust works its way into all every nook and cranny.  I can't believe I had to reach 64+ to discover such a simple idea...better late than never.

It's a great method for cleaning all your computer stuff. The bristles can get into all those tiny crevices on you keyboard, speakers and all those wires.  It works really well on air conditioner vents as well as portable fan covers. The best method is to use it alongside your vacuum cleaner. Hold the hose with one hand , the brush with the other and let the brush help the vacuum suck up all the dirt. I can finally get into every crevice and get that stubborn dust out.  You have to develop a harmonious pairing of the vacuum cleaner and brush to clean all types of electronic equipment, sculptures, trinkets, light switches, and so on.  

I know that you already have a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.  A paint brush is better.  First of all, versatility of sizes and besides, where has that brush attachment been?  Do you really want to use it everywhere?  You can wash a paintbrush easily after each use, or throw it out.

There is a good chance that you have plenty of brushes on hand and in assorted sizes and softness. I found a bunch of brushes lying around the house from all sorts of old projects and hobbies I had long since abandoned. I am of course talking about brushes in good condition.  Not those with dried up paint and bristles that are falling out.  You can always go to the hardware store and invest in a few new paint brushes.  After you finish dusting, wash them in a household cleaner, dry them on the windowsill and they are ready for the next cleaning day.

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