There is a trend, these days, to work past the traditional retirement age of 65. Life expectancy is rising and baby boomers are challenging the traditional views of retirement. There are those who will stay at their current jobs and others who will look for new challenges.

We want to continue taking an active part of society and use our knowledge and experience to start new careers and develop new interests. Some are choosing to slow down, working part time and taking advantage of more leisure time, but fewer boomers are electing to stop working completely.

I have reached retirement age, but as long as I am physically able, I plan to continue working, hopefully at something I enjoy. I love building this site, but it's only on a part time basis. I still continue at my day job, but have reduced my hours. In the coming years, I hope to devote more time to this site and maybe start a second one. It's my way of challenging my mind beyond its comfort zone.

If you ever thought of starting your own website, promoting your knowledge, a product, or an existing business, watch the short video below.

retirement age no longer means retirement

More and more baby boomers must continue working because they did not prepare themselves properly for retirement. Being the "sandwich generation" is also having it's toll on many baby boomers who are having to help both their young adult kids as well as elderly parents.

Baby boomers everywhere are having to live a more frugal lifestyle and cut expenses. There are many ways to save. Downsizing cars or selling one car, if you have 2, can help. Other solutions include taking less vacations, eating out less and reducing cable costs. Most importantly, keep healthcare costs down by making healthy lifestyle choices.

Increase the equity you have on your home by increasing your monthly mortgage payments, even if it's only by $50. In a few years it'll add up to a few thousand. It's never to late to increase payments to pension plans, that can in turn give you tax benefits.

There are lots of creative ways to cut expenses and still enjoy life and you can find them in these sites:

Investing wisely is a solution we hear a lot, but what does it mean? A wise investment is a safe one. These days the safe investments give a very low rate of return. They include Savings Accounts, Certificates of Deposit and Treasury Bills

Investing in rental property can be profitable and safe. Real estate prices are reasonable and so are interest rates. That, combined with a high demand for rentals, makes investing in rental property an investment well worth looking into. In some cases, the property can be used later on as a retirement home.

Before you make any investment, educate yourself. There's a great deal of information on the internet. Take an investment class. You might want to talk to a financial adviser, but be sure to discuss his fees beforehand.

No matter what you do, ask questions and get clear answers. Below are a couple of helpful sites on investing and retirement:

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